Software Design

Designing a new system usually needs specialist expertise and experience.  Making Solutions can design entire systems for you, or guide you in the right direction for software selection.

Custom Software DesignEach organisation is different and has its own specific needs and ways of working, and sometimes off-the-shelf products just don't quite fit your needs.  First of all, Making Solutions will work with you to check whether you can meet your requirements with your existing software investment. It may be that what you really need is as simple as a Microsoft Access database to record and access your data, or it might be that you can use your existing database with other existing software titles to provide you everything you need.  If none of the above meets your needs, we'll help you design (or completely design for you) a custom software solution that does everything you need it to do.  We'll look at your existing business processes to make sure that everything is working the way it should so that your new software system complements your business and then work with you to check that the end result is going to benefit you in the best possible way.  When everything is designed, we can even build the solution for you. Contact us to find out more.