Case Studies

To get a feel for the kind of work that we've been involved in, please read through the case studies below.  Of course, we haven't listed all the types of work we've done, so please contact us if you have a particular project in mind and want to have a chat about it.

Investigating and Recommending Strategic Systems for Pupil Data Storage and Access for Cambridge Education @ Islington

Cambridge Education @ Islington engaged Making Solutions to investigate and recommend a strategic solution for managing the vast quantity of pupil data that they deal with as part of their contract to run most of the London borough of Islington's education services. They needed advice on the state of the contract and relations with their current supplier and detailed options and recommendations regarding how best to meet their needs going forward. Making Solutions provided Management Consulting services, working with Cambridge Education to finally recommend the right solution for them, which they have now implemented and are successfully using.

Designing and Implementing a Coursework Submission Tracker for De Montfort University, Leicester

DMU LogoMaking Solutions was approached by De Montfort University to design and develop a custom software solution to track and monitor coursework submissions made by its students.  The solution was required as a proof-of-concept with the intention of later developing a full-scale solution across the university.  A large part of the requirements was therefore to provide a solution in a short timeframe for a relatively small budget.  Making Solutions provided a solution within budget and on-time that allowed the university to produce and scan courework barcodes and record when students had submitted their work, which in turn allowed them to analyse whether coursework was handed in on time and to identify students that consistently handed their work in late.  

Designing and Developing a Sales and Order Process Tracking System for Fronter, UK

Fronter UK contacted Making Solutions to design and develop a sales and order process tracking system that allowed them to have better control of their order tracking and provided them with management reports at the touch of a button.  They needed to eliminate the unwieldy spreadsheets that they were using, that were difficult to share and were prone to corruption.  Making Solutions consulted with the relevant stakeholders within Fronter to understand their requirements and then designed and developed a solution that now controls much of their order process and provides the information that managers require to make sure their business is running efficiently.

Automating Microsoft Office to provide an end-to-end management information system and order processing system, including automatically generating scale drawings using Microsoft Visio for a high quality composite window company.

Red Grape logoRed Grape imports high quality timber and aluminium composite windows and doors from Sweden and sells them to the construction industry and self-builders in the UK.  As all of the windows and doors it sells are completely bespoke, it needed a system to record window sizes and specifications, and produce drawings that could be given to the Swedish manufacturer to price.  It also needed to provide this information to its customers in an easy-to-read format.  Making Solutions used Microsoft Office 2010, including Access, Excel, Visio and Word, to provide an end-to-end solution that now not only meets the requirements detailed above, but also handles invoicing and procurement processes for Red Grape.